Sprinkle (2nd Shower)

The most popular way to celebrate a 2nd baby is by having a sprinkle.  A sprinkle isn’t a full blown shower, there’s no registry (Sprinkle Gift Ideas), usually an evite is used rather than a formal invitation, there’s usually no favors and no (or limited) games. 

Guest List

Sprinkles are usually much smaller than a traditional baby shower.  Similar to a baby shower, a “bestie” or a sister will organize the Sprinkle.  Rather than inviting co-workers, family, family friends (grandma-to-be’s friends), a Sprinkle typically consists of the mom-to-be’s closest circle.  if the mom-to-be has more than one circle of friends, then it’s logical that they might have two Sprinkles.  Check with the mom-to-be and see what she says about mixing the groups. 


All of the Sprinkles I’ve co-hosted have been at restaurants for lunch or brunch.  The mom-to-be has already had her big traditional shower.  Most of my friends didn’t want to put me (other co-hostesses) through all the work that goes into a traditional shower, so something simple at a restaurant is low key and easy for all involved.  Although most of the Sprinkles I’ve thrown have been at restaurants, I have attended some at peoples homes.  Given Sprinkles are generally much smaller than showers, a sit down dinner or lunch is usually served and can fall on a weeknight or weekend. 


Again, the mom-to-be has already had the full blown themed Baby Shower, a sprinkle’s decor is usually simple, sweet and classy.  When I co-host a Sprinkle at a restaurant, we’ll usually bring some additional decor such as flowers or potted plants.  The mom-to-be can plant the flowers as a reminder of how easy her life was with one less child : ).  if the Sprinkle is at someones home, a nice table setting with some pink or blue accents and some nice flowers are perfect and easy. 

This is an image of an evite we created for a past Sprinkle.
This is an image of an evite we created for a past Sprinkle.









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